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Based on Mac's Blog I found I tghink he makes it to the Finals...

Monday, August 27, 2007
Where the F@#k have I been?!?

Wow... Well, everybody, I have to apologize for almost 4 months of inactivity... I know many of you check(ed) this blog regularly, and I'm sure many of you stopped after a long period without updates.

I read some responses to my last entry and it seems like some of you were worried I'd fallen off the edge of the earth, down where that turtle is... ;-)
The truth is, I've been here all along, doing what I do, but unfortunately I couldn't really update the blog because the main thing going on in my life was something that I was legally binded to keep quiet about.

As many of you already know, (and many more of you have been hearing rumors about) I filmed the 6th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" this summer and the first episode is scheduled to air on September 19th...

In May, I got sent to Las Vegas (almost out of the blue) to do an interview with Spike tv producers in a sort of casting call for the show... I wasn't into the idea at first, but when my manager informed me that Pride was not going to have an event any time in the foreseeable future, I realized that being on the show would be the best move for my MMA career at this point in time.
After doing the interview, Spike and Zuffa narrowed the field down to 30 fighters, 16 of which would be picked to fight on the show... During this time, nobody was allowed to tell anyone that they were being considered for the show (real hush-hush mafia stuff, right? lol)
I immediately started training hard and focused on being in shape for the show... 5 days before it started taping, I got the call that I was on, and the rest is history. (or soon-to-be history, anyway)

Not too long after I wrote the last entry, Diego Corrales was killed in a motorcycle accident, as I'm sure, you already know... I was going to write a memorial for him, as he was one of the greatest people in the sport, but time snuk up on me fast...

R.I.P. , Chico...


I am under legal contract not to talk about any specifics of the show until each episode airs... I will say one thing, being in a house with 15 other guys, having no communication whatsoever (no letters or phones) with anyone in the outside world, no books, magazines or music of any kind, and cameras in your face constantly for 6 weeks is enough to drive you insane, and it definitly happened to everybody on the show at one time or another during filming... BUT, I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to go on... I have 4 good friends who have been on previous seasons, so I had already heard the "Dude, you have no idea what it's like until you're there" speech a bunch of times already... And of course, they weren't lying.

There was a TON of negativity in the situation and not alot of outlets for anything positive... Not being able to talk to my girlfriend or mother and not being able to take any photos, or even take a walk outside; were just a few of the sacrifices we all had to endure. - To be honest with you, I could care less about tv, phones, music, books, etc, - but when you take away personal freedom at the same time and confine someone to a house, a volatile situation is going to develop. And it sure did, lol.... It was a roller coaster of lows and highs from beginning to end. I met a few truly great people that I am proud to call friends and at the same time I met a few complete losers as well.

*(note: the left image was taken before the teams were picked, so just in case you were wondering, that's not necessarily a separated team photo)*

But, I wouldn't trade in the experience... As you will see by watching the show, it was definitly worthwhile and all the sacrifices (even being exploited and judged on national tv) were, and are going to be well worth it...

Look at me, I'm rambling...

So anyway, the show finished taping in late July and I went right back to teaching and also I finally was able to take short a vacation to Hawaii, which is something I've always wanted to do... Lately, I've been spending alot of time doing photography and training consistently as usual... Things are back on track, and now that Spiketv has officially announced the cast, I am allowed to admit I am on the show, if nothing else.

Depending on how things go with my website (currently under construction)I will be updating this blog regularly again from now on, and hopefully all my loyal readers will come back and be a part of my little stories... I just want to say thanks to all of you who have stuck with me from the beginning, and I have to say; it's only gonna get better.

For now, I'll leave you with 2 of my favorite photos I've taken recently... The first, is a shot I took of a cliff diver in Hawaii and the other is a shot of downtown LA that I took right before i left for the show... Enjoy!
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