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Hmmm....looks like I am the only one so far that acutally thought it was an entertaining fight?

I really thought that Tommy stayed very busy most of the time. There were lapses here and there but not as bad as several of the other fights. For an amatuer/close to pro fighter (my own class...don't crucify me..ha)I was impressed w/the way he held his wits during that arm bar. That thing was sunk in hard but not once did it look like he was gonna do anything but fight out of it.That's why Mazagatti let 'em go. He was watching Speers eyes the whole time (I have always thought Steve was one of the best refs in the Octagon). The triangle was not such a total threat but wrong move and he could have been caught. Tommy did in fact land some pretty solid shots (even while in a pretty decent guard from Ben). He also kept Ben totally out of being able to even mount an attack (although Ben did anticipate that immediate shoot when the 3rd started...Speers is lucky that knee missed).

All in all I really see Speers being the type of guy who can duke it out, take it to the ground, GnP, pretty much wherever. Does he need some training? Of course he does. Who wouldn't? But he, imo, shows potential to really grow into a very good UFC fighter.
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