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Originally Posted by IronMan
Isn't the point of MMA to simulate a street fight in a controlled situation. That's the way I understand it anyway.

I understand the bit about keeping both fighters safe and all, but I guess I prioritize a little bit differently.
Yes and no. You have to remmber above all else its a compitetion. No one does this in hopes of ending up with severe brain damage but not alot of people understand how different injuries effect the body over a long term period. Sadly boxing has not taking this into consideration but most boxers nowadays are well aware of the risks from getting to many blows to the head over a long period of time since MMA has so much more dynamics to its compititions there are not as many blows aimed directly at the head over hte course of a fight due to shorter fight lengths and so many other options open to a fighter this is as not as serious as a concern but head butts would just add to this and introduce extra risk that is not really needed, where as in a street fight it is a good strike, in MMA it is not really needed.

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