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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge View Post
- Ritchie Hightower is an annoying twat.

- This show may be the pits, but in my opinion Mac Danzig is one of my favorite fighters to ever be on TUF. He seem like a prick to some, but what he does that's different from other pricks is he tells it like it is, without being a complete prick, he knows what he's talking about with pretty much everything.

- Speaking of Mac, they should just rename this show "TUF: Mac" because this show was taylor made for Mac to win it, the other 15 fighters are just pure crap.

- The 4 remaining are obviously the best fighters on this show. Although 3 of them still suck shit, these 4 are the best fighters. The fact that it is told that one fighter will not be able to compete in their semi-final match means that they're going to bring 1 unworthy shitty fighter back into the semi-finals, even shittier then George, Matt, and Tommy, which is scary.

- If Mac Danzig is the one that can't fight next week, I will not watch the rest of this show.
Some really valid points . . . like Hightower being worthless and annoying. But some of your ponts are really skewed, however, like Ben being the worst fighter on the show. He's mediocre, for sure, but not the worst. It's sad when biases adversely affect judgement.

I can certainly understand your Mac nut-hugging ranting, but to say the other 3 fighters "suck shit" makes me wonder how much alcohol you consumed before writing! Mac hasn't demonstrated that he's a fighting god, or even a demi-god, for that matter. I've observed some excellent skills and talent from him - but he's not the only one.

What I haven't seen from George, Matt, or Tommy is the kind of "I know everything and I'm better than all of you losers" annoying attitude displayed by Danzig. He isn't all he thinks he is, even if he ends up winning it all.
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