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Originally Posted by kilik View Post
I cant believe Tommy didnt tap that was locked in at some point, thats two fights in a row where he has been locked in a sub and hasnt tapped, he is tough.

If that ref was Big John he would of stopped the fight because I remeber a fight it was din thomas vs jeremy stephens where Din had a armybar locked in and big john ended the fight before jeremy tapped.
My thought is that Din Thomas probably had a much more effective armbar, and Big John probably heard it pop before Jeremy would tap. Even though Ben had a beautiful armbar, he didn't raise his pelvis, which would have hyperextended Tommy's arm a lot further. I would have liked Ben to win, but man, he had nothing after the first round. I'm always skeptical when a fighter is suddenly sick the day of the fight, but he sounded pretty bad and gassed horribly by the end of the first. I can't imagine trying to fight without breathing through the nose. Anyway, Tommy only impressed me with his determination and refusal to tap. Other than that, I didn't think Tommy did much to win that fight other than take Ben down, which was pretty lame since he didn't do anything after that. I do believe Tommy has potential, but I think Ben has more. Plus I like Ben's attitude, especially after the fight, pretending to cry, "I almost won it!" We'll see him again.
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