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Honestly man, I think Ben is one of the best on the show (which doesn't say much). I like how creepy and freakin weird he is. He actually reminds me of the lead singer from Static-X. Plus, you've got to admire his attitude post-fight. He was pissed he lost, but he didn't want to use the "sickness" as an excuse because it would take away from what Tommy achieved. Plus, the fake bawling during the walk of shame was priceless. "I almost won it!"

J-Roc freaking out was funny to me because all he did was say the same thing over and over again like a broken record, "who f*ckin sh*t in our toilet, dude!?" Or something to that effect. I heard it so many times I thought I was hallucinating. I can still hear him in my mind, but I'm picturing it coming from a little leprechaun with his voice.

Danzig cracked me up when Miles wanted him to promise not to freak out when he tells him what happened. "You sure you want to tell me?" And Billy says, "f*ck it, I'm tellin you anyway." I was expecting Mac to lose it completely. I think Danzig was smart enough not to really start anything with Hightower in the living room and expected his guys to hold him back.

Hightower exceeded my expectations for him in the octagon, but he is a total annoying bitch. I'd go crazy in that house if I had to deal with him. Especially drunk Hightower. Did anyone else laugh when Richie gave Rude a hug and squished his dip in his lip?

I'd say, good episode overall, except I wish Ben would have made it to the semis.
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