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I don't think he's scared to finish, I just don't think he's learned how yet. He really needs to learn the submission game, in his fight with War he should have went for an armbar when he had the mount. War was sticking his arms out like he wanted Tommy to grab one. He could have easily finished it there. A lot of wrestlers seems to have problems finishing though when they first get into MMA. He's got the physical tools to be successful, I just think it's a matter of learning better technique. He almost got subbed twice in the fight with Ben and War almost choked him out, that's a pretty good indicator that he should start training some JJ. Good thing for him he's strong enough to power out of the submission attempts. I just wonder how he'd do against a world class Jui Jitsu guy.

Also, he hasn't fought anyone with good or even average TD defense. He was able to take those guys down pretty much at will. What would he do against someone that has good wrestling and could stop his takedowns? If he satys at 170 he's going to have to work on it cause the Welter Wieght division is stacked with good wrestlers.
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