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Originally Posted by sove View Post
I hadn't watched the preview of new weeks episode prior to my last post. Now that I've watched it, I'd be willing to bet that it's Tommy who walks out. Here's why:

"But get ready for one of the biggest shocks so far, when one of these fighters [video shows Mac, Tommy, Matt, and George] walks out of the show."

1. Can't be any of the other guys on the show (e.g. Hightower, as suggested before). There's no way they'd flat out lie about one of the semifinalists walking out.
2. George, Matt, and Mac (in that order) seem too mentally tough, smart, and professional to walk out on the exposure the finals will give them.
3. Tommy doesn't strike me as being the brightest one of the bunch. It has nothing to do with him being a farmer. There are a ton of farm boys who are smart as hell. He strikes me as being the type of guy who would go animal if he found out that he wasn't going to be able to fight in the semis because of a cut.
4. If Tommy's cuts open up in training, and the State Athletic Commission stops him from fighting, Dana's and the coaches are going to have to put someone in his place (as alluded to at the end of the last episode).
5. Put #3 and #4 together, and I see a pissed off Tommy walking out on the show and rejecting a fight on finals card because he won't have a chance to get to the finals.

If anyone wants to come up with an equally (or more) thorough explanation for their prediction, and I'm down for a sig bet. In other words, no "I think it's Mac because he's pissed about his humming birds." No guesses.

EDIT: Also, George, Matt, and Mac are already fighters. Yes, Tommy has potential, but the guy is not a FIGHTER. He's a strong ass wrestler who wants to fight. He doesn't seem as invested as the other guys. It's just a cool opportunity for him.
When I suggested hightower, I was referring to my previous post where I said it was taken out of context, and hightower was turning down a second chance. (just incase you were referring to me)

With that said, you make plenty of good points. I agree with most of them. I'd rep you but I repped one of your earlier posts and am not able to
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