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sove's Training Log

I've been sorely lax about taking notes after Jiu Jitsu class, so I'm starting a training log to keep track of what I learn. I'm hoping I get tips to supplement class from the more experienced grapplers.

For the time being, I'm probably not going to throw in much about my diet or workouts.

For the next 3 weeks I'll be attending JJ class M, W, F, and every other Sat (this is an off week). Starting Dec. 19th, I'll be hitting 2-3 boxing/kick boxing classes a week on top of that.

I've been training at City Boxing in San Diego for about 4 months now. Prior to that, I had no experience other than a brief stint in Ishinru Karate as a kid.

I'll start writing about class tomorrow (Monday).

In the next couple sections I'm going to talk about a couple of things that are likely to come up again later.

I entered NAGA Las Vegas a month ago in the 170# Masters (30-40), beginners division. Turned out there weren't any other old beginners, so they stuck me in the men's division. I realized about 3 seconds after my match started that we don't do any Gi takedowns in class. The other guy obviously knew some takedowns, but my balance is good, so I held him off for about 2 minutes. It was strange, my brain went into autopilot and all I could do was keep him from taking me down. Eventually he got me to the ground. Still in autopilot, I got him in my guard and held him there for 2 minutes. Oops. He had 2 points and I had none, so I lost.

I have an incredibly strong closed guard, so I think I reverted to what I feel most comfortable with. Problem is, I know very few closed guard submission/sweeps.

So after competition I vowed NEVER to close my guard for the foreseeable future. I knew I'd get passed a lot. I've stuck with that promise, and guess what, I've managed a lot more triangles, arm-bars, omoplatas, etc... from guard. Yes, I get passed a lot more than usual, but I'm more aggressive. I have to be. If I don't try to sweep or go for submissions, I'm going to be on the receiving end of some submissions.

The Big One:
There's a guy in JJ who's a blue belt, about 6 foot tall, and 270#. He's pretends not to know his strength. If he gets a kimura locked in you better start tapping immediately because he's been known to crank the shit of of them.

So after getting the shit beat of me every time I rolled with him, I decided to make the most of my sessions with him. He tends to lay on his back with an open guard and wait for you to come to him... an opportunity to practice passing on someone 10x stronger than I am. Seriously, his legs are like tree trunks. This is NOT a fat 270#.

Then after I pass, I work on staying on top, transitioning between positions, and north south chokes (I've never gotten him with one). Seriously, there's no point trying to go for anything else unless you have a shot at his back.

And if he ends up sweeping me... then I get scared... BUT I also decided to practice escaping before he could settle into position. Guess what... I've been escaping consistently (probably out of sheer fear)! He has probably only submitted me twice in the past few times I've rolled with him.

I bring this guy up because he's a consistent challenge and it's likely I'll bring him up in future posts.

Time to eat. More later.
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