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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
I see it the opposite as you. I thought George was kind of an asshole. Now, I thought he was justified in being an asshole and I attributed a lot of it to TUF editing, but still assholish.

Mac, on the other hand, is my favorite fighter from the show(second would have to be Tommy and how he can escape a ton of deep submissions). He's funny as hell, above all of the immaturity of the other fighters, and actually thinks through most of what he says(excluding his attack on Bowman). He seems to be one of, if not the, most intelligent on the show. Some of the guys on the show, Barerra, war machine, and hightower, are just retarded. I didn't know they stacked stupid that high.

I agree that those guys are retards. Mac does put a lot of thought into what he is going to say before he says it besides the bowman attack. He is a good fighter, heck i do believe that he has a good chance to go far in the UFC. I just don't like his attitude on the show with how great he thinks he is and how nobody can beat him and his negitivity and grumpyness. It's just my opion. But even though i really don't care for him, I still am looking forward to seeing him in the UFC and am wishing him the best of luck.

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