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Originally Posted by Damone
1. Hughes.
2. Liddell
3. Silva.
4. Sherk
5. Sylvia(Yea, I'm naming champs. They should be ranked).
6. GSP.
7. Ortiz.
8. Sanchez
9. Franklin
10. BJ Penn(Yea, I'm having a tough time filling out # 10. Nothing against Penn).

I think naming the champions is good. I mean, like him or not, Sylvia's the world champ. I know most hate the big oaf, but I had to put him in the list.

Franklin's coming off that loss, but I think he should still be ranked. His only UFC loss, and it was to a great opponent.

Silva has cemented his UFC status by defeating Franklin in record time.

Hughes is the man right now. The guy fought(And defeated) everyone the UFC threw at him. A true champion who is a prick, but his personal life doesn't affect me.

Sanchez is undefeated and proven. After GSP vs Hughes, he will be the next in line, or he should be atleast.
Finally someone agrees that Sanchez belongs in there!
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