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12/ 10 - 17/ 07

Tuesday 12/11/07

Today I didn't go to any classes. I just went to the gym and did some bag work and running.

- 26 minutes of bagwork, not including rests. 4 minutes of lead-hand combinations (2 rounds), 12 minutes of hand combinations(4 rounds), 6 minutes of hand, feet, and knee combinations( 2 rounds), and 4 minutes of hand & feet combinations w/shooting (2 rounds).

- 22 minutes on treadmill. jog speed 5 mph, two 120 second 8 mph sprints, one 90 second 10 mph sprint.

- stretched and did some light calisthenics. 20 push ups and 30 sit ups.

Wednesday 12/12/07

I went to the gym really late today... only a few hours before my MMA/Sub Grappling class. Unfortunately, it didn't give me much time to rest.


- 5 minutes of knuckle, forearm, and shin conditioning

- 16 minutes of heavy bag (all hands)

- 6 minutes of shadowboxing (all hands)

- 22 minutes of elliptical excercise running machine thingy. That was much harder than running.

MMA/Submission Grappling

(Everything is done in 3 minute rounds with 1 minute of rest. Class is 90 minutes, including breaks between rounds.)

- 12 minutes of jumprope

- 6 minutes of spiderwalks and reverse spiderwalks

- 24 minutes of sprawling to striking drills

- 30 minutes of drills, including takedowns against striking to side control; takedowns against striking to closed guard and pass to side control; sprawl against double leg takedown, take the back, roll over and RNC; sprawl against doubleleg, take the back to armbar.

Thursday 12/13/07

Everything was snowed in today, so I couldn't make it to any official classes. However I missed my train and ran home in the snow. It took me ten minutes, running at what felt like 7 mph... but it could have been less. Things feel harder when you're shin-deep in snow. Thankfully a pretty fair part of the way was plowed or shallow.

I completely forgot about the log, so my memory of what I did exactly will be a bit off.

Friday 12/14/07

MMA/Submission Grappling

1 hour class

Sunday 12/16/07

The Gym

10 minutes of footwork drills

22 minutes of heavy bag

10 minutes shadowboxing ( to kill time and wait for my training partner to show up)

60 minutes of light grappling

23 minute run. jog speed 6 mph; 2 sprints at 9 mph (2 min), 1 at 10 mph (1 min).

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