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Originally Posted by matt1970
are u kidding the fight was fixed and they are not dumb enough to throw swick into the ring with a real man like anderson u must be retarded

The fight was fixed? You sir are the retarded one...

I agree with Evan in a way but I don't think there's anything at all wrong with criticizing a fighter for either a poor performance or just one you didn't like. Fighters shouldn't let stupid comments make them cry, fighters are supposed to be tough, constructive criticism is not nearly as bad as getting kneed square in your face, so why cry about it? It happens in every would be the point of fans watching if they weren't allowed to make any kind of negative comment about it? It's not hurting anybody, so I say suck it up and be a man, we're not in kindergarten, if you can't take a negative comment, then how can you be tough enough to fight? Doesn't make sense to me. Being disrespectful is not good, but what the hell is it hurting? And being disrespectful and having negative comments are completely different, although I don't see why either of the 2 affects anybody at all....
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