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Originally Posted by milkkid291 View Post
Pure speculation. Tim did have an injured back, but I don't think that is to blame for the first punch that Randy threw.
The first punch didn't end the fight though, they went 5 rounds after that. What do you mean? I don't know if it affected the fight, but Couture still fought someone who was injured and it diminishes the win imo.

Originally Posted by milkkid291 View Post
GG being CC is HUGE. No one was saying CC was at his lowest when he was about to fight GG. Everyone thought he was going to rip right through him, but since he got KTFO by GG, he was at his lowest? please
No one was saying CC was at his lowest prior to the fight because no one knew he would show up like that. We expected him to tear through GG because of his past performances but he didn't show up at the same level he normally does. Looking back it was dumb to expect CC to completely destroy everyone but it doesn't change he fought horribly compared to what he normally does.

Originally Posted by milkkid291 View Post
How is he overrated? He's 44 years old and demoslishing fighters 10 years + younger than him. He had a turn around career in 07.
It's toned down but people were talking about Couture, calling him number one p4p, greatest ever, etc. That's why he's overrated, again, in my opinion.
His age doesn't matter, he's a 44 year old who is in as good of shape as a 35 year old. It's impressive he is in that good shape but it doesn't affect rankings or anything.

Originally Posted by milkkid291 View Post
Fedor is the most overrated fighter of 07. Yes he is the best HW in the world, don't get me wrong or confuse what I just said, but he fought once in 07 against a MW.... Matt Lindland. He is a great HW, but in 07, he only fought once.
People aren't calling Fedor the best only because of 2007 though. He has an amazing career to back his ranking; which Couture doesn't.

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