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I heard Rogan and Goldberg say how Tito was a real class act for raising Shamrock's hand and "burying the hatchet" after the last fight.

What I saw first was Tito flipping a hall of famer off, doing his little "burial ordeal", and then putting on a shirt that said "Punishing him into Retirement".

Tito Ortiz is a great fighter, one of my favorite when it comes to shear ability. As far as his behavior, he's an ass. Not a bad man, acting out his bad self, but just an ass. He just defeated a man for a 3rd time. A man who stated he wants to bury the hatchet, a man who did great things for the industry that made Tito great, and a man who was 11 years older than he is, and then he acts like that?

I know Tito fans would say, "but Ken said this, and Ken said that". The truth is, Ken Shamrock is done as a fighter, and as such he retires as a legend. Tito Ortiz fails to give him the respect he deserves, even after he had convincingly beaten him for a 3rd time.

To make matters even sadder, all those UFC "fans" in attendance were booing their asses off when Ken was introduced. Way to follow the sport guys. You boo a hall of famer because he's fighting a man you booed a couple months ago, but suddenly decided you like him better. Something tells me these are the same kind of "fans" who boo when 2 fighters measure each other up in the first 30 seconds of a fight, and don't start swinging wildly off the bat.

I'm a huge Liddell fan, but I don't think I've ever wanted him to beat someone's ass worse than now.
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