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Originally Posted by cabby View Post
Hughes seems more determined and focused than ever......Wonder if he will try and stand with George again? Hughes needs to get back to his old ways of manhandling guys instead of trying to strike and shit. GSP's TD defense is so good though............
I sooooo hope that Hughes decides to try and stand with Georges. I see a nice, tight Muay Thai clinch in Matt's future if he tries. That package will include repeated knees to the mid-section followed by a nice snapping knee right on the chin which literally explodes Hughes' head backwards. He stumbles back, drops, Georges gets on him again and here comes the elbows blasting him unconscious. Sound familiar? I am really not terribly worried about GSP getting taken down because I think he totally outclasses Matt's takedown abilities with his own TD defense.

I never really disliked Hughes much until watching his prima-donna ass as a coach on TUF. He reminds me of a high school wrestling jock (which he is/was I suppose) who's greatest joy was picking on the skinny wimpy kids and giving them wedgies. He is one of the most egotistical people I have ever had the displeasure of listening to.

Don't get me wrong...he of course is one of the greatest Welter Weights of all time but he is one of those guys who will always TELL you how great he is...
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