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Originally Posted by Slick_Fugitive
Ever notice how Dana White looks like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, acts like him too ... can you believe the jerk told one of the Octagon girl contestants she had a flabby a**, constantly berates the contestants on The Ultimate Fighter basically acting indignantly whenever someone does not see the show as "the opportunity of a lifetime" .. not to mention short changing all the fighters on their salaries compared to what the UFC is worth. The only thing left for him to do is to stick his pinky in his mouth and say "One Million Ka-Zillion Dollars" ...
He only gets mad at the guys on ultimate fighter because it is the ultimate opportunity of a life time. There could be alo of other guys who would love to be there and some of these guys just don't take it seriously.
It is wrong how he treats people but that's how it is. Can't do anything about it.
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