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Originally Posted by davidm724 View Post
I respect your stance on derogatory terms for women, as well as your view on the scantily clad ring girls. I know that their little outfits are supposed to leave little to the imagination. However, that's not what I was calling classless. If you watch the KOTC's from last year (those are the ones I saw), you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. I, just as any other man, enjoy watching the girls strut their stuff, but the point I'm trying to get across is merely the filming of the girls. It's like they handed the ring-girl-cam to a 13-year old with a hard-on. A couple times, they actually zoomed in and out repetitively on their ass or tits like the horny wolf in those cartoons making googly eyes while drooling profusely. That's just the image I get when they film like this. If you are offended by a man's use of the word "ho", surely you'd be offended by KOTC's portrayal of these women. I suggest you check out the show, and see what you think. My thought is merely that it is not a good strategy to promote our sport. If I was sitting down in the front row, surely I'd be looking at every inch of the girls, but some viewers on TV will not sit through such a display. That is why I feel it's a bad representation of our sport. Maybe, as stated before, KOTC is aiming for this sort of program. If so, that's cool. I'll continue to watch it. I just think it's an ineffective way to become a bigger organization.

As for the movie Point Blank, I saw it when I was really young (probably about 10 or so), and I remember watching the movie Payback, thinking they totally ripped off Point Blank. Then I realized it was just a remake. I liked the movie, but I can't remember many very specific parts or cool dialogue. Just thought it was good.
First of all,Happy New Year to you and many happy returns.
As for the rest of it:
1.Maybe what would put us both on the same wavelength here is if I suggest that perhaps part of the problem here is what might be called "False Advertising," inadvertent or intentional.At the very least, I gather that perhaps you feel that this thing might be better shown on the Playboy Channel...There is still such a thing isn't there? One of the local newspapers in my neck of the woods has been gloating over what they see as Playboy magazine taking a financial beating because of the Internet....I wouldn't know.I know the last time I was down at Sailor Bob's Bar & Grill, and that goes back a couple of summers,there was something called The Playboy Channel on the boob tube over the bar.
You and the other gentlemen who have posted on this thread all seem to be saying, you thought you were going to see an unarmed combat venue, and what you got was really like a televised or video version of Maxim magazine or something,you know,T&A shots of women along with some articles and pix of top pro fighters and martial artists,etc.
That I can see,especially the gentleman who said that he was offended by having his special lady with him when he viewed that.
I certainly can't argue with that.Again,maybe they should look to switching venue,like to the Playboy Channel,if there is still such a thing, or,around my way they have I believe it is called E! channel or something, they once had a show called Wild-on with swimsuit model Brooke Burke, I never saw it, this is just what I heard from fairly reliable source, also I believe at one time they broadcast the Howard Stern show with porno models and centerfolds taking off their clothes in the studio during the live broadcast.
Maybe the KOTC people should talk about switching venue to there? Maybe? Present it to the crowd that is looking for that kind of thing?As the old saying goes:Take it somewheres else.(?)
About that movie Payback:was it any good?
I generally hate re-makes.Like they recently made a re-make of one of my favorite movies with some martial arts action in it, namely The Manchurian Candidate. The original had none other than Frank Sinatra playing the US Army intelligence officer.The martial arts/karate fight between him and the enemy agent who betrayed him was and still is awesome!
Thanks for what you said,man, and you have a good one!
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