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i like music that sounds tough. I like tough lyrics that make me feel tough just listening to them. Jedi Mind Tricks is the usual Go-To for rap, but I grew up in the straightedge hardcore scene, so my playlist is pretty different.
my playlist for the gym/ running:

Jedi Mind Tricks
the Acacia Strain
Bury Your Dead
Earth Crisis
Bad Religion
All Shall Perish
Pig Destroyer
Army of the Pharoahs
Bane (only the Give Blood album)
DJ Doboy (Trance/ Vocal trance... gets me focused, but lowers the intensity a notch or two)
Hatebreed (only Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire album)
Shai Hulud
Strike Anywhere

that should be enough to get you rollin. some of these bands have done the walk-ins for various UFC fighters. I know Hatebreed wrote a song just for Arlovski to walk in to, which is the song that plays on arlovski's website as well. Converge is headed by Jacob Bannon who owns Deathwish records, which sponsored Joe Lauzon. just an interesting fact.

Edit: almost forgot ETOWN CONCRETE!!!!! alway at the top of my playlist. the only rap/ rock that is okay to listen to.

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