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Chucky & Wandy......awesome!

...Man sorry to all that lost a busload of points on Wandy.
I didn't bet on it. I knew it would be too close to call. Chuck has never looked better. IT'S ABOUT TIME CHUCK YOU OPENED YOUR TOOLBOX!!! How about that spinning backfist? Actually part of his forearm caught Wandy off the top of his! Opening of the 2nd rd...Chuck's shoot in for the takedown was perfect. MIXING IT UP! Too bad Chuck didn't fight like that against Jardine...Keith wouldn't have survived. Joe Rogan hit the button saying
"Chuck's counter punching really came into play against Wanderlie's aggressive, coming forward style". Chuck's 1-2's were brilliant. The fight lived up to the hype. What got my attention the most was how they took turns stalking each other, cutting off the Octagon. That was wicked! I would HATE to be Wandy's next! The only way Chuck will ever wear the belt again, is if he fights like they way he did against Wandy...mixing it up. Chuck shut up a lot of critics and MMA fans that's for sure. Nice win for the Iceman. Dana said he didn't see it going 3 rounds...oops.

P.S. Mandy Moore was looking super fine as usual!...

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