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Originally Posted by Mr. Bungle
You all have jumped all over anyone who mentions a fight fixing but in reality it goes on all the time and it has been going on in the UFC for a while. I'm not saying that fighters have taken dives but I think it's pretty safe to say that the careers of some title holders have been, hmm, shall we say intentionally prolonged by strategically having them fight lesser/green/over the hill opponents.

For instance, have you ever asked yourself how it could be that American fighters hold all these UFC titles when it's actually a relatively new sport in that country? Well, who is the UFC target audience? Who's tuning into Spike TV every week and who's ordering the pay-per-view shows? A bunch a flag waving, Budweiser drinking, "USA # 1" chanting 20 somethings. What kind of "champion" do you think appeals to them?

Think about it.

lmao, You started to make a point in the first paragraph, and then you ruined your own point and made yourself sound stupid.

Asked myself how could it be that American fighters how all the UFC titles when its a new sport in this country? WTF

Well, The Gracies brought UFC here, what? 10 years ago?
Its an AMERICAN organization, so of course they make it to appeal as much as possible to AMERICAN fans.
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