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Originally Posted by speedythief
The competition in the WW division of the UFC right now is world class. There are at least four guys that are legitimate contenders and would be so in any federation.

The issue with the UFC is that no other division has such depth. MW, LHW, and HW are all thin. If you look at the payouts another poster provided you start to understand why the UFC doesn't always attract the best fighters.

But they still make the best of what they have. They've lined up guys to fight Hughes, Franklin, Liddell, and Sylvia. Except for a few young guys still putting together resumes, deserving fighters get their title shots.

For the UFC to get better fights, they need to make more money, and for them to do that, they need to have better events and get better coverage. It's not like they aren't trying. The television show is a hit and it will help them bring in guys like Silva. It has to start somewhere.

And I maintain that having Pride come to the US is a good thing for both feds.

Thank YOU! I couldn't have said it better.
They are getting there, they are getting new fighters, and they are working on it. No they don't have everyone Pride does, but no company is going to have every good fighter on the planet, and some ass monkey is always going to say so and so is better than so and so
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