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If there were long intermissions of nothing but the ring girls, I'd agree with the false advertising idea. But they're only being shown between rounds for about 10 seconds at a time. KOTC wouldn't be much good for any sort of porn channel because they simply don't offer much in that area.
As for Wild-On, I've caught some of that and it's pretty good stuff. I'm not afraid to admit I've watched it a few times. Also, I've seen The Girls Next Door on E!, and it's pretty good too. Kind of a waste of time though, since they don't really show anything. They're still nice to watch. So, I'm cool with anything involving women because hey, I'm a dude. I appreciate women. The only thing is that MMA is a big part of my life. If MMA was a religion, I'd consider myself an apostle. I spread the gospel every day. I provide events for friends to demonstrate the power that is MMA. Even though I love women, I do not think that KOTC's approach does MMA justice. Inevitably, there will be a following of KOTC because a lot of us really enjoy a display of the ring girls that is less centered on classiness. My thought is that considering an overall potential audience, KOTC will turn many away, especially those men who have significant others watching over their shoulder.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and Payback was pretty good. I'm highly skeptical of remakes as well, but this was decent. Same story, but Mel Gibson instead of Marvin, and he's after 75,000. It's got some pretty funny parts. I'd give it a 6.5/10.
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