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Call of Duty 4

Ok, I somewhat like this game (even though my loyality lies with halo.) My friend on xbox live bought his friends list COD$ for christmas so we could all play it with him so I have been as of late.

I like how you have to earn your guns (that was a big plus)

I do not like Juggernaut, it just takes me out of the game feel when ever I shoot or try and blow someone up that has it on

Prestige mode is kinda cool but I dont like how you lose all your guns and have to start over on challenges. I think they should let you keep the guns but make you do different more harder challenges just IMO

Spawns are atrocious in this game you can sit there and spawn kill the other team the whole game if you rush their spawn points.

all in all i do like the game, so I thought I would make a thread and see what you guys thought about the game

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