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Well it's been a while. I'm on a 5 week winter break, and I've resumed Muay Thai training twice a week with a personal trainer. I did BJJ for the first time in months two days ago, and had a good lesson, mostly focusing on side control this time. Then I sparred my trainer for an hour and a half straight, by the end I thought I was gonna die lol. Good lesson, I got caught in some wicked submissions (a neck crank that hurt like a mother to name one), and I managed to catch my trainer in a triangle but he escaped after I exhausted my legs trying to finish him for a minute or so.

Things learned:
- My wiry body is a big plus
- Apparently I am hard to armbar
- Neck cranks hurt
- You should tap when you're in an ankle lock even if it doesn't hurt yet(?) That's what he told me when he caught me in one...

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I've said it before but it deserves repeating, "Theres 3 guarantees in life, death, Fedor, and bitches be crazy" .

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