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Originally Posted by Ferdelance View Post
Listen:you've gotten me to thinking about a couple of things,things that I am probably going to bring up as whole new threads in this forum,but since you got me started,I think that I'd like to give you first crack at this.
1.As a martial arts apostle, do you think that there are any myths about the martial arts out there, especially myths that you would like to see laid to rest?
2.About the ladies:If you were in the position of advising a woman on a martial art mainly for self-defense purposes,what would you advise her? One of my buddies is a nurse,recently another nurse was attacked in the elevator of the hospital where she worked,so now she's signed up for this women's self-defense cardio-kickboxing thing that is offered where she usually works out.
I don't know. Women's cardio-kickboxing sounds very McDojo to me.Also what should be taken into consideration is that where we are located, she is within driving distance of taking,say Gracie Jiu-jitsu,Muay thai, or Wing chun.
What do you think?
1. Do you mean myths about what martial arts are "the best" or "worthless" in regard to MMA? I know there are many opinions on what is the best or most effective martial art, but I believe any one martial art would be extremely ineffective when faced with mixed martial arts. I guess that's pretty obvious.
Example: a decorated BJJ fighter vs. a fighter with decent skills in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and wrestling... With the exception of MMA's early days when nobody understood BJJ, I believe the striker/wrestler would win this fight nearly every time if he came in with a gameplan. The BJJ guy would have the obvious game plan consisting of taking them down or pulling guard to work for submission, never intending to stand with their opponent. If the other fighter is a half-way decent wrestler, he'll defend the takedowns and get the fight back on the feet. As essential as BJJ is in MMA, it could not stand alone in today's MMA. Some could argue Royce Gracie's dominance in the early UFC's, but most of the guys had no idea what they were in for. BJJ is widely considered the absolute essential martial art in MMA, but it really only covers half the game. Sure, a mixed martial arts fighter would be at a huge disadvantage without it, but so would a fighter with no muay thai or kickboxing. If I had to call on a myth, I'd have to say that there is no "best" martial art in modern MMA.

As for the "worst", well... I would hate to call any martial art the worst, or worthless or anything like that. However, some martial arts are more impractical than others, such as Wing Chun, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do. Their traditional styles just don't translate well in MMA. I am a fan of all of them by the way. I love watching each of them in their own competitions, but not MMA. A fighter who specializes in any of these would not fare well in MMA without a good amount of experience in other martial arts. All martial arts are a beautiful thing, and I love them all. I'm a little unsure about capoiera though... Anyway, it's all good to me.

2. If a woman is looking for self-defense training, the absolute most important aspect of their training is that it makes them confident and comfortable. If they're not training specifically to fight, then they don't have to worry about training in a McDojo as long as they feel good about themselves and their ability. However, if a woman is looking to compete, which is gradually becoming more popular, then basic self-defense training will not be effective for anything other than learning a few basics and getting integrated in the sport. I'd say if a woman was out of shape and had no knowledge of martial arts, a self-defense course would be a great way to get started. Depending on their personality, getting into MMA comletely cold could be very discouraging, especially since a woman would be less likely to have any combat sport-related experience. Of course females in combat sports, even high school wrestling, is being seen much more often than in the past, so who knows, maybe they could jump into MMA and hang with the guys in the class.

Thanks for the first crack!
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