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Originally Posted by Rated View Post
No, wafb is right. Whenever you win a bet, you always get back what you bet PLUS your earnings. Therefore, if you bet 5,510 and win, you get back what you bet (the 5,510) plus 5,510 (one times what you bet).

A 2/1 means that you get 5,510 plus 11,020 (or twice what you bet). If 1/1 means that you get back what you bet, there would be no point in betting.
So... if the odds are 2/1 Penn and 3/1 Stevenson...

I should be able to bet 1k credits on Penn and 1k Credits on Stevenson and no matter what come out even?

Penn wins- Get my Bet (1k) plus my earnings (1k) To have 2k then lose 1k from my bet on Stevenson to end +1k from start


Stevenson Wins - Get my bet (1k) and my earnings (2k) to have 3k then lose 1k from the bet on Penn, leaving me at +2k from Start.

Am I missing something here, or am I suddenly able to win a lot of credits really quickly? Hopefully I didn't just tell someone else's secret here.

Let it be known that I'm not here to make a bunch of Credits, but moreso to root on and support the fighters that I would like to win.

That being said- please disprove my logic.
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