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Originally Posted by SurfNinja View Post
Things learned:
- My wiry body is a big plus
- Apparently I am hard to armbar
- Neck cranks hurt
- You should tap when you're in an ankle lock even if it doesn't hurt yet(?) That's what he told me when he caught me in one...
I might be wrong about this but not all ankle locks require a tap before it hurts. Straight ankle locks hurt like hell but you don't have to tap (eventually it will break your foot, but he has to be fully extended and if you "have your boot on" you can avoid that). Heel hooks, however, tap when you feel pressure in your knees.... if you want to keep your ACL/MCL attached.

Originally Posted by SurfNinja View Post
...and 0 street fight experience, although I did make a kid cry in elementary school by soccer-kicking him in the shin.

Great log.

Thanks to NikosCC for the sick sig!
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