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Originally Posted by matt1970
back to shootboxer i read an earlier comment.if rich had a single leg and anderson sprawed anderson would do the splits and get ko'd by richs knee .not a good option.if rich went for a double leg he would shoot his legs and put his head on silvas hip and tdown being no sprawl available. u dont sprawl for the clich i did say earlier i would chose the full body lock inside silva arms up high and probably judo throw or bjj trip
Silva does the splits? This is not a Bruce Lee movie.

If Rich double legs Silva, Silva has three options, as any fighter knows. He can sprawl and fire off knees (which would leave Rich with a busted head), he could go for a guillotine, either sprawling or going into the full guard, or he could drop into full guard where he has any number of basic and complex BJJ submissions to tap out Franklin's pitfully underprepared ass.

Franklin had no chance going into this fight, because he didn't prepare himself. He thought that he could just t-off on Silva like he did on guys like Tanner, but that can't be done with a great martial artist like Silva.

What you don't seem to understand is that Silva is a better fighter!

It's not that he just has better submissions or better knees or better accuracy, he is a better mixed martial artist. Period.
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