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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Yes, that does help. Thanks! I've also been having a lot of trouble with my arm triangles now that I think about it, care to give me a few pointers on how to improve those? I always set it up and I get it in pretty deep, but it seems like more of a neck crank than anything, which I know is wrong, because when you get a tight arm triangle in they go out really fast. Thanks in advance
Yeah, this is a problem I know that alot of guys have.

The secret that I've found to work the best is to really keep the arm you're putting across your opponent's neck (I call it the "collar arm," but it's just the arm that's cinching up the choke) low. If that arm is low, and doesn't slip up above your opponent's neck so that it starts compressing the chin, which causes the neck crank, the choke should be very effective.

The other is to keep the chest tilted a little bit instead of being flat. I've noticed that to sink in the submission alot of guys will flatten out the chest and that applies alot of neck compression that actually takes away from the blood choke, because the weight it being applied to the neck crank and not to the arm that should be cutting off bloodflow to the head.

The third tip is just a little adjustment I've picked up over the years to really help with this move.

When you are sinking the choke in, don't just grab your wrist and cinch the choke up using your body. Also cinch up the choke using your collar arm. This is easier in gi based jiu-jitsu where you have alot of handles on your shoulders and collar, but even in no-gi, you can tighten the choke up by putting your hand on your collarbone instead of using a simple wrist grip. This will also keep you from feeling like you need to really force the submission, which is alot of times how people end up in that neckcrank.

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