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Good Lord you're up early.

Something I've been having trouble with and maybe you could suggest something:

I almost always work from rubber guard when I'm on the bottom, so I have the opponent broken down... but when I go for the omo plata I have very little control of his posture. At first I thought they just knew what I was going for... and have been using it solely as a transition. Is there some key element to rolling for omo plata and keeping the guy's head controlled? (damn it's hard to describe jiu-jitsu without seeing it) If I do get it, instead of doing the traditional "arm over the back" to situp, I immediately overhook the close leg and pull up that way. When I do that I feel like I'm just overpowering the guy and not using good technique.

Also, I got a belt test today and was going over our requirements... ever heard of a "big boy reversal"?

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