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Originally Posted by Biowza View Post
This is how the fight breaks down.

On the ground it is pretty much even, as both fighters have really good BJJ.

Standing there is a massive advantage to Gonzaga, he has shown he has flexibility and speed to pull off head kicks and the power to deliver a one hit KO (or break limbs). Fabricio really hasn't shown much of anything in the stand-up department.

Gonzaga has the power advantage as he is the bigger and stronger opponent of the two, this may help him to push Werdum around a bit as well as deliver monster kicks and punches that could potentially KO Werdum.

Cardio- No idea really, possibly Werdum. Gabe gassed against Randy because of his nose, he couldnt breathe. So yeah, I call this slight advantage Werdum or even.

So yeah, Werdum possibly has Gabe with Cardio, they are even on the ground, and Gabe dominates/has distinct advantage standing.

Gabe takes this 8/10 times...I'll be putting a mill on him a bit closer to the fight.
Its not even on the ground. Werdum is better, without question he is the more decorated grappler. Maybe the most decorated HW grappler in the world.


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