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Originally Posted by Choke_Wire
well...not to be rude but this didn't help me a whole lot. thanks anyway guys even though i didn't get a whole lot out of it. sorta did help even said it yourself

"im glad u guys finnaly made me relize that im not UNDERworking my self. untill now i had it in my mind that i had been undertraining."

We made you realize that you're not undertraining. But overtraining can be just as bad. Refer to "Drivenfaster's" post. So I don't know what you mean, because clearly these guys are just giving advice to not overtrain. You asked how long a workout should be, and these people are giving you answers, if you arent feeling tired at all in an hour to an hour and a half...then clearly you aren't pushing yourself. I don't know what gives you the energy to workout for 5 hours and it's either you are taking long ass breaks or you just say you train 5 hours yet you aint steppin it up. Anyone can say, "I do 5 hours a day of working out" But that don't mean sh!t if you're just exhausting yourself.....train like 1-2 days a week man..your muscles need to repair/recover...i hope that helped at least...if not then i don't know what the hell you want lol :P..btw don't take this offensively in any way just trying to make a point/help you.
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