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Originally Posted by brownpimp88 View Post
Wow. When watching the fight live(ah, good times) I definetely thought that kick was illegal, but it was very borderline. IMO, I agree with Davisty, in the position Akiyama was in, it really wouldn't have made a difference. But rules are rules.

This is doing nothing to help Akiyama's reputation.

It will be interesting to see what happens, and a rematch is for certain. This time, personally, I'd like to see Akiyama roll Misaki's ass.
Originally Posted by kds13 View Post
I also thought the kick was illegal from the outset and the pictures confirmed it for me. I would rather see a rematch then have Akiyama get the win on a technicality.

As far as Akiyama's rep goes, he got a bad rap from the outset. The whole cheating scandal was way overblown as he did it right in from of an official.

If the rematch happens, I hope Akiyama pounds Misaki...I've always hated Kazuo. He's so inconsistent and then after that fight he acted like he was the greatest ever and that speech he gave to Akiyama was downright classless. Especially after he got dropped earlier in the fight.
When I saw that kick I didn't even question it, I thought soccer kicks were allowed...

But this is what makes the rules stupid, Akiyama was less than a split second from having his hand off the floor (right hand only has finger tips while left has knuckles), therefore it makes it stupid that Misaki's kick was illegal and will probably cost him the match because he was 1/8th of a second too fast.

But judging from the Japanese's attitude towards Yoshi, I doubt theyll give it to him.

PS: Good times indeed BP
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