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Sparred with 2 of my friends today and went over some basic submissions with them.
Friend#1 = 170~175lbs. Friend#2 = 120lbs. Me = 128lbs.

Again, I don't exactly remember every detail, but I'm trying my best.

Vs. Friend#1
- He takes me down, struggles around in my guard.
- Puts me in a kimura (while in my guard) that causes me discomfort but cannot finish me.
- I manage to free one of his arms and lock a triangle.
- He struggles for a minute so I look for the armbar.
- He won't let me take the arm so I thrust my hips up and finally seal the triangle, he taps.

Vs. Friend#2
- He takes me down with a big double leg, lands in mount.
- I escape to half guard, attempt to get 'the lockdown'.
- He catches me in a Jens Pulver style guillotine-headlock from on top.
- I struggle, roll to my side which seals the choke tighter.
- My ears begin to ring and my head feels light, I tap. I was nearly asleep lol.

Vs. Friend#1 Part 2
- We have a stalemate-like takedown, both landing on our sides.
- He scrambles onto my back, both hooks in.
- I get arm control, he gives up on the RNC and I flip over into his mount.
- I get to half guard and sweep him.
- I get to side control, attempt an Americana.
- He powers out of it, defends my next attempts well so I transition to the mount.
- He makes multiple attempts to buck me but I maintain the mount, I begin working for armlocks.
- He defends all of my submission attempts, I'm working for the arm triangle, and the round timer rings.

Vs. Friend#1 Part 3
- I get underhooks and the takedown.
- He throws me in a guillotine.
- I attempt to pass his guard, he stands up.
- I sling my hand over his neck and grab his arms with my other hand, attempting to create breathing space.
- I fall back into his guard, still manage to hold on.
- He stands up again, and this time it's deep. I tap.

F***in guillotines man, I must have bad defense against them, which is bad because its like the most common submission. There were more rounds than this, but I don't remember, and there was probably a lot more to the rounds than I explained above, but hey its fast-paced action I can't remember all the details. I think I escaped from an armbar sometime in one of those rounds, which I was proud of, but I forget which.

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