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Thanks I'll really try to remember that. That's the only sub they ever get on me, and it's getting old.

*Edit - Keeping wukka and IronMan's responses to my question "how do you pass a larger fighter's guard?"

Originally Posted by wukkadb
Stand up, or bait the armbar/triangle and then escape that way.
Originally Posted by IronMan
I pretty much agree with wukka on this one, though there are a few points that I think can be added to really improve the efficiency of your guard pass, especially against stronger guys.

The first is to use your knee as a seperator as soon as he opens his guard. Once you have your knee between you and your opponent, there are all sorts of over/under passes that are really effective and it also sets up a nice straight ankle lock. As an added bonus, unless your opponent's legs are really long, he's not going to be able to close his guard.

Second, when you are doing the standup pass, make sure to keep your feet back and slip both of your arms under both of his legs very quickly. Once you do that, you're basically past, but if you keep your feet in and your opponent grabs on of them, you will get swept, regardless of where your hands are.

I definitely, from personal experience, like to use a can-opener, though I'm aware that in most gyms it is against the rules. Definitely learn it, though, because it is very, very effective as both a submission and a way to open up guard.

The inside hands pass, where you slip your hands inside your opponents guard so that your bicepts are under his thighs, is really effective against bigger guys, because their legs can get a little loose against a smaller opponent, though their really most effective against an active guard.

Hope that was helpful.

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I've said it before but it deserves repeating, "Theres 3 guarantees in life, death, Fedor, and bitches be crazy" .

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