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Originally Posted by BrutalKO
I would go for a Judo throw or a leg sweep. Trying to Slam somebody who has a headlock on you is nuts. What if you can't pick them up? It's much easier to use a sweeping or throwing techinque than to try and Slam a dude.
Besides, in a Slam you may even get hurt yourself if you're in a headlock.
I know that, and that's why I have more than one option up there. Look at option #2, and you'll see that I have that covered.

Through my own personal experience: I've also put my buddies up in the air that out weigh me by 100lbs, but that's because I know how to throw them. When you suplex someone, you only need their body to leave the ground by 2 inches. Everything after that is technique. Infact, even the rolling them over your shoulder would be considered a suplex, as it would fall under Sutemi Waza - "sacrifice techniques." So no, a suplex isn't completely out of the question. In fact it may be one of the easier options.

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