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Originally Posted by Kameleon
He will not be banned for having an opinion that is different.
You may want to revist your own posting guidelines, then look at matt1970's posts.

Site Guidelines:

The following categories of conduct online are unacceptable at MMA Forum and are a clear violation of our Board Guidelines that may result in warning, suspension or loss of membership (i.e. Banning):

Disruption- Posts that are meant to create confusion or sway the topic away from the intended Thread or conversation or news pertaining to a particular subject. Disruption can include but not limited to post-padding, off-topic posting, or posting of content that intended to demean other posters rather than discuss appropriate topics.

Harassment – Harassment is defined when a member attacks, disrespects and degrades another member anywhere on the board at any time. Personal attacks are never welcome and are never tolerated. The general nature of sports, fans will defend their favorite fighter, but never will terms as “stupid, homer, idiot, moron” and the like ever be tolerated. Continual harassment and or “baiting” of a member of the community, they’re favorite fighter and or members of the staff will also result in the above mentioned actions. Editing over a mod is also something that is not welcomed and swift action will be taken of said member.

Obscenities or Sexual innuendos – MMA Forum features a community with a world wide ranging of members and content readers. We stress that pornographic images, obscenities, sexual language and vulgarities are NOT used. Attempts to mask such language using alternate spellings, etc., will be treated as correctly spelled obscenities are are also subject to being removed. We want our members to have fun, but at the same time we must keep aware that everything we may say with someone we know, could offend a member that we don’t. Please use your best judgment in these cases.
It's your forum, and you can run it how you want ... but is this one guy worth having a lot of people not visit here as much due to his asshattery?

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