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Originally Posted by matt1970
Hey sweetheart, I took the challenge and you turned me in..tell you what you round enough cash in 10 years and i'll teach you a few tricks...your toronto *** club you refer to tell them all they can come to...Just kidding I hate ****ing canadians....And i'm very serious you dushbags come to our country and are rude and cheap as hell.Canada sux canadians suck and you suck...Very serious i would **** u up if you trained with me because i SWEAR to god I HATE cheap ****ers are annoying.... and deserve the shitty country and weather you recieve
Again, it's "douche bag".

Say what you want about Canadians. But I'm proving that we have a hell of a lot more class and intelligence than you. Saying we're rude and cheap, that's completely ignorant. You've probably met 2 Canadians in your life, and they were probably rude to you. But let's face it, anybody would be rude to a disrespectful person like you.

- Chris

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