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Originally Posted by matt1970
Hey sweetheart, I took the challenge and you turned me in..tell you what you round enough cash in 10 years and i'll teach you a few tricks...your toronto *** club you refer to tell them all they can come to...Just kidding I hate ****ing canadians....And i'm very serious you dushbags come to our country and are rude and cheap as hell.Canada sux canadians suck and you suck...Very serious i would **** u up if you trained with me because i SWEAR to god I HATE cheap ****ers are annoying.... and deserve the shitty country and weather you recieve
you'd think this post alone would warrant a ban. wow. something tells me matt is right now sitting unshowered and unshaven in the trailer park he lives in with his never married mom, pounding away furiously at his keyboard with his grade 6 education.
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