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Originally Posted by pt447
to me, it's pretty simple... the middle class IS getting screwed, and we DO have a serious problem with illegal invaders. they're not immigrants. if they were, they'd come in normally, and become citizens... not over fenses and by using smugglers! if they weren't criminals, they would be doing things legally!

this is where i really don't agree with democrats. do it legally, or your an illegal invader... very very simple!!!
Ummm...I'm not sure if you realize that I agree with you. Do you?

I ADMIRE that despite being called a bigot, Lou Dobbs keeps on calling it like it is.

In fact it really pisses me off that just because you are against illegal "invaders" you are called a bigot. How is that? I don't want illegals from Canada or Germany or Spain or freakin Ireland. And the thought of REWARDING them for being here illegally, makes me want to scream. OMG, I'm starting a rant....I gotta get back to work.
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