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Originally Posted by Ferdelance View Post
What exactly is "Iron Palm?" Who teaches it? Should I try to learn it? My special lady has a copy of the book "Model Mugging," in which the author emphasizes palm heel strikes as the ultimate self defense technique in terms of effectiveness.So:
1.What can somebody tell us about Iron Palm, and
2.Do you agree or disagree with the author of "Model Mugging" that palm heel strikes represent the best way to counter attack your opponent in a street self defense situation?
As always,

1. Don't know enough
2. Yes, palm heel strikes are the most effective, not just because of power- but more importnatly: the likelihood of you breaking your hand in a streetfight is much higher than in the ring. The palm strike prevents a majorly debillitating break.

And if you can't palm strike use fist-punches where your thumb is to the top, as recommended by Dempsey. Actually more powerful and still safer for yuor hands.
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