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Originally Posted by Chrisl972
I'd have to say Liddell. I don't think that Silva would be able to muscle him around like he does others.
i do he muscled franklin. franklin and chuck are about the same size and both throw looping punchs. anderson just swatted most of richs punchs away. obviously chuck is 100 times better than rich. but we also know that chuck wouldnt be looking to take it down so anything could happen. im not going to sit here and act like silva is the best guy to ever strap on gloves though. that seems to be the theme of late. bottom line was rich had weaknesses, and silva knew how to exploit them. the one thing i see open on chuck is his body for round kicks. but maybe after 1 or 2 he catchs silvas leg and ko's him. i dont know. we'll probably never find out either. i'd still rather see chuck and wand
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