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IMHO, Penn is the kryptonite to Hughes...

Hughes' game plan time and time again is the same ol, same ol'...
(2)pass guard
(3)ground and pound

You take that away from him and he is lost.

Penn is a master of defeating the takedown... his balance is unmatched.
Anyone who attempts to pass his guard will find themselves submitted... period.
Should you manage to get through those 2, then Penn is done... but pretty much any fighter is done at that point... which is why Hughes is where he is.

Hughes' attack strategy is tried, tested and true.... but Penn is his worst nightmare.

Penn can be defeated in the standup game, but NOT by Hughes, that is not what Hughes does.

Be that as it may, Penn lost to Hughes fair and square.
Im a big Penn fan and I dont like Hughes because he is simply boring to watch (same ol' stuff over and over again).
But Hughes won... no excuses... injuries during a match are all part of the fight... self inflicted or infliclicted by the opponent... its all part of it.

It is very interesting information about his injury... it makes sense that being the case... but Hughes still beat him fair and square.... just not in the manner I thought he lost to him....
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