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Ahhh last day of Muay Thai training before I go back to school. It was a good long winter break and my trainer says that I've learned a lot since break started. Personally, I feel the sharpest I've ever felt, and it is a great feeling! Although, I hyper extended the crap out of my knee today with several back kicks that completely missed the standing bag. Coach laughed because he had done the same years ago. Hopefully it won't inhibit my training.

Gotta remember to use the proper technique for the back kick. In fact, it is not a "spinning" back kick, it is a "turn backward and kick" kick.
The technique is:
-Set up the feet
-Turn & look
-All my weight on the kicking leg
-Fire away!

I shall shadow this slow, because a big whiff with this kick can really f*** up your knee. Trust me.

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