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My New Favorite Finish

There aren't very many secrets in jiu-jitsu, so when I figure out something that really helps my game, I think it's important to tell people so that they can work it as much as I do and learn as much from it as I do.

I was rolling with Kevin, a judoka who comes to our school pretty regularly know, from knees, but I like to test his judo so we kept standing up.

Anyway, we're standing and he drops his head and tries to turn into me, but I put a guillotine on him and start applying the submission. He transitions to a double leg and slams me down.

No Kevin's about 20 pounds heavier than me, but I managed to hold on to his head and tapped him out.

My secret is not that you shouldn't let go of the technique, that'd be a dumb secret. It's something a little more important, and for those who have watched Joe Stevenson compete, you might already have seen this before.

A neck-crank adjustment on your guillotine is never illegal, not even at the white belt level in BJJ, so it's important to remember that you are getting a submission legally if you finish it, even if you're worried that you might stap your opponent's head off.

You can always slip into the ten-finger guillotine, but that's not something I recommend for beginniners. Instead, the secret to a good guillotine, whether it's a neck crank or the actual choke version, is not to worry about where your forearm is, because even if it's on his chin, arching your lower back will still finish the submission.

Joe Rogan points out in Joe Stevenson's fight with Kurt Pellegrino that a guy like Stevenson is strong enough that he can smash that guillotine even without the grip. The fact is (and this is the big secret) you don't even need the strength.

People freak out when their opponent slips out of the guillotine, but all you have to do is stay calm and finish, and it's all over.

The leverage still exists, remember that and stay cool, and you will maintain the submission and win the match.

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