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Jan 19th

The seminar was really good, I learned quite a few things I wasn't aware of before but are basic and extremely important for any martial art.

First thing I did was a quick drill on shooting in on someone. Next was the same but we would shoot in from the back and pick him up like we were going to suplex him. We did some helicoptering drills which led us to the wrestlers switch, for those of you who don't know its basically two quick movements that put you from the turtle position to side control while your opponent is helicoptering around you. Next we did a mounted sweep. and our 5 position hold downs.

We did some action and reaction drills which led us into action and reaction of real life situations by distractions involving joint locks and such.

We did some Filipino Stick work drills and footwork. These basics which are something completely knew to me but it was shown how every movement used involving the sticks were the exact same movements when doing kick boxing/MMA or anything else...same principles.

To finish off we did a little bit on the three most feared animals in Kung Fu...The Duck, Frog, and Spider...I won't explain them but anyone who knows Kung Fu probably knows what I'm talking about.

All in all it was quite fun to see how others viewed the martial arts and it opened my mind a lot.

I've got some more work to do later on so I'll be making a continued post later.


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'08 Road To Victory
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