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Originally Posted by fighter92 View Post
im a 16 year old wrestler, wats a good workout to compliment wrestling practice
Do lots of compound lifts and make sure you have a good form. Some great lifts I would suggest would be: deadlifts, squats, cleans, dips, pull ups, rows, and military presses. A good 3 day split would go as following:

Day One:
Deadlifts - 5x5
Rows - 3x5
Pull ups - 3x5

Day two:
Military press - 5x5
Cleans - 3x5
Dips - 3x10

Day Three:
Squats - 5x5
Front squats - 3x5
Lunges - 3x10

Make sure you're using correct form when you start lifting, don't worry about how much weight your using. Once you get your form down correctly though, focus on making gains.

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