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Originally Posted by sove View Post
Pankrato negative repped me anonymously from this thread and called me a "loser." It's too bad so many people can't understand that some people like fighters who lose, and some people even like fighters (and football teams) that aren't much better than average.

I was pretty sad to see Gonzaga's performance against Werdum, but I'm not going to drop him off of my list of favorite fighters. I've seen what he can do, and I'm hoping for more of it. If it doesn't happen, fine. I don't base my self-esteem on the performance of the fighters I'm rooting for. If I did I'd only pull for guys like GSP and Silva.
How about some +rep to make up for Pankrato's retardedness. I get what you mean. I am a die hard Buccaneers fan. I know pretty well what it's like to be a fan of a mediocre team. It is better than being a bandwagon jumper/fairweather fan.

I'm not a fan of Gonzaga, but I respect that he's a good fighter. I thought he was overrated after his KO of CroCop and not as good as everyone made him out to be, but still a good fighter.

There are only a few fighters that deserve to be bashed, Leben...cough, cough... But their fans don't deserve to be bashed with them.

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