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My actual response to this situation would be quite lengthy, so Ill stick to a short summary.

This game has absolutely nothing in it that would constitute the response it is receiving from lawmakers and lawyers. The game is far from the level of the GTA series yet it was said to be a "columbine simulator". it is all a crock of conservative bullshit.

The video game industry is increasingly becoming under scrutiny by various lawyers looking to make a name for themselves by crusading against violent videogames. Everytime I see news of people tyring to ban games and shit it makes me sick. Yet they make no mention of the violence and sex we see everyday on BASIC CABLE TELEVISION, where it seems they push the envelope each and every day. IT IS NOT THE GOVERENMENT'S JOB TO REGULATE WHAT KIDS ARE EXPOSED TO! ITS THE GODDAMN PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY!

The hard work of one, does more than the prayers of millions.
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